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Issuing time:2019-11-19 11:37

According to incomplete statistics, 62 recalls were launched by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers from the beginning of 2015 to May 25, which was released by AQSIQ. Among them, 17 recalls were caused by the relationship between automobile parts suppliers, accounting for nearly one third

Law weekend trainee reporter Shen Jiamiao

The mass recall of automobile manufacturers caused by automobile parts defects is increasing gradually.

On May 25, the official website of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as AQSIQ) announced that GAC Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Honda technology research industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. filed the recall plan with AQSIQ in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall management of defective automobile products.

It is worth noting that the reasons given by the three companies are surprisingly similar: the vehicles within the scope of this recall may be damaged by the gas generator shell when the passenger airbag is deployed, and the shell fragments may fly out, which may hurt the passengers in the vehicle, and there is a potential safety hazard.

Although the three automobile companies did not mention the car recall caused by "Takata airbag" in the recall announcement, many insiders interviewed by law weekend reporters said it must be caused by Takata airbag.

Previously, due to the potential safety hazards of Takata airbags, more than 10 multinational car companies implemented a large-scale recall plan, with the number of recalled vehicles exceeding 36 million.

At the weekend of rule of law, the reporter combed the recall situation announced by AQSIQ from the beginning of 2015 to May 25. According to incomplete statistics, domestic and foreign auto manufacturers launched 62 recalls in total, which clearly pointed out that 17 recalls were caused by the relationship between auto parts suppliers, accounting for nearly one third.

Shangpu consulting analyst Zhang Jiao told the rule of law Weekend reporter that the biggest feature of car recalls in 2015 is the increase of large-scale recall events. From Suteng broken axle door to Takata air bag door, due to the global purchase of auto parts, under the trend of automobile manufacturing platform and general parts, the collective recall of many multinational automobile brands caused by the defect of one part has become the new normal of automobile recall. In the future, the probability of similar "mass occurrence" problems will gradually increase.

"A large part of the quality problems of auto parts are precisely caused by vehicle manufacturers. In order to improve their competitiveness, auto manufacturers continue to reduce purchasing costs and spare parts expenses, so that spare parts manufacturers can't breathe. In order to increase profits, spare parts manufacturers may cut corners. " Li Fuli, a researcher of China Research Institute Puhua, said in an interview with the rule of law Weekend reporter.

Parts problems cause multiple automobile brands to recall at the same time

Industry insiders pointed out that the "Takata airbag" mainly involves 11 domestic automobile brands: Nissan 14, Honda 13, Toyota 10, dodge 7, BMW 7, Mazda 5, Subaru 4, Ford 3, Chrysler 2, Saab 2, Mitsubishi 2.

It is worth noting that in 2014, China also recalled different brands of cars at the same time due to the parts produced by parts suppliers.

"In 2014, AQSIQ issued the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall management of defective automobile products (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the measures), which specifically pointed out a series of measures for the quality defects of parts manufacturers' products. This kind of problem has been involved in the recall in 2014. Two recalls aimed at the quality defects of fuel pump flange oil return pipe bracket produced by United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., involving 8 vehicle enterprises and 864817 vehicles in total. " Zhang Jiao told reporters at the rule of law weekend.

On December 31, 2014, AQSIQ issued a notice that Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd., FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd., BAIC Futian Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. respectively submitted the notice to AQSIQ filed the recall plan and decided to recall the following vehicles, totaling 304935, from January 20, 2015.

However, the fuel pump flange fuel return pipe bracket of the vehicle within the recall scope may crack, resulting in fuel leakage and potential safety hazards. The suppliers of this batch of parts are all United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Prior to this, on November 17, 2014, AQSIQ issued a notice that Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., brilliance Automobile Group Holding Co., Ltd. and Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. decided to recall a total of 559882 vehicles from December 15. The reason for the recall is that due to the design and manufacturing problems of United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., it is possible that the fuel pump flange return pipe bracket will crack, resulting in fuel leakage.

Cost reduction

When talking about the reasons for the occurrence of Takata's airbag door, a number of insiders analyzed to reporters at the weekend of rule of law that the global procurement mode led to different brands recalling at the same time.

"Because now many auto companies will choose the way of global purchase when they choose spare parts. In the supplier system, some suppliers have a very large market share. " Zeng Zhiling, general manager of LMC Automotive Market Consulting Co., Ltd., told reporters at rule of law weekend.

According to the data, Takata airbag and two other companies control 80% of the global airbag market share. Autoliv, the Swedish company, is the world's largest airbag manufacturer, with a market share of about 40%; Takata and TRW follow closely with a market share of 20%.

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