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The three-axis coordinate measuring instrument has air brake switch and micro-motion device on all three axes, which enables precise single-axis transmission and uses a high-performance data acquisition system.Applies to product design, mould equipment, gear measurement, blade measurement machinery manufacturing, fixture, steam model accessories, electronic and electrical precision measurement.
Universal Tool Microscope has Cartesian Coordinate Measuring System, Optical System, Aimed Device and Angle Measuring Device.The coordinate measuring system consists of vertical, horizontal standard quantities and movable worktables.After the contour of the measured workpiece is projected and magnified by the optical system, the aiming device aims at a geometric element of the measured contour, reads out the coordinate values in both longitudinal and horizontal directions from the standard subdivision device, then moves the worktable and the measured workpiece mounted on it, targets another geometric element of the measured contour and reads out its coordinate values.The distance between the two features on the measured profile is the length of the workpiece.The value between two elements on the measured profile is read out by the aiming device and the angle measuring device."
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